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It is not I who determines who I will be.

I only know there is a beauty within.

Somewhere, perhaps hidden, I have a light,

Which will do as it pleases.

I sometimes allow its presence,

if only for a nanosecond.

I dream, and there it is.

I love, and it slips past.

I am grateful for life,

and it shines, a little.

Where it is going,

I have no clue.

I wish I could give it more,

but I withhold access.

It takes me on its

journey, for slight glimpses,

then I fear and let it go.

One day, I will allow it

to be wholly within me.

And I will become one

Who is whole.


Star shadow

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When into dark woods at night I must go
I walk only in your light
Quickly entranced, enfolded by sky
I am not afraid

365:23 – Inside a Bubble

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365:23 – Inside a Bubble, originally uploaded by David*Brown.

If the world were a dream

And I dreaming it,

Perhaps it might look to me this way-

Vibrant, exiting, confusing, soft, glistening

Gasping for air, I let it go.

Hoping I see it again…

Boat wreck

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Boat wreck, originally uploaded by Queen Tiye.

Who held you, where were you going?

How long ago your misadventure?

Were lives lost or were lives spared?

Why, how?

Your remains leave a mysterious aura,
so gingerly captured in this light.

Was there love?


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Lioness, originally uploaded by Crouchy69.

I am a lioness:
I care not what happens to me, but you mess with my family, and you will be very sorry!

I am a lioness:
See my battle scars? They are my trophies.
I have done it, been there, and I’ve had it.

I am a lioness:
See the intensity in my eyes?
It’s here all the time, and I’m looking at you!

I am a lioness:
Plain Jane, yes. But more passionate than
all beauty one can possibly possess.


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placid, originally uploaded by eye of einstein.

Is there a place, perhaps in the back of my mind to savor the warmth of you even when I am far away?
Never such a calm exists but without the electricity emanating from your light.
No color or texture unaccounted for or standing alone, without an effect on the bleed to next. We are all love.
Any position of cloud or sun is perfect when I find you. Even raindrops make their own ethereal majesty.
Twisted, unfolded, wrapped up, elongated or stretched, you still bring the feeling. Wrap me in you. I surrender, you take me.

Thanks to Eye of Einstein for today’s lovely photograph

Autumn Mornings

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by Alfred Borchard

Ah, life!

New and old,

 Beautiful: living and dying.

Too difficult to master, too simple to ignore.

Every shade of every color casts its own spell.

Every breath of you brings me lighter still

The only dank smell that brings a sweetness.

Crunches, sways, tickles my ears.

Last vestiges of green …. Not quite craving, something.

What is it?


Thanks to Alfred Borchard for today’s photograh