For snowflake. The one on this side of the fence, and the one on the other.

For barn. You shelter the sequestered, and provide something familiar.

For distance, even the nearer you are.

For lonebush, and your sweet fruits.

For these two: tree and tree, who keep good company.

For visitor, who beholds too.

And with thanks to mountain and mountain and hill.

I gift you this morning. It is yours to share.

She cannot be divided. Forever whole, though not permanent.

Your gift to love as I love you. Your plight is honorable.

I will bring her again in the morrow.

Breathe her in, now.

Thanks to Renate F for today’s photograph


~ by KK on March 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Dawn”

  1. This gets me at a deep level. I would read this one again and again.

    You, KK, are the gift.


  2. Pure Magic!!

    Thanks, KK 🙂


  3. Great photo, nice poem.

  4. Thanks so much KK for this wonderful poem to my picture!

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