Emerald Sky

, originally uploaded by Brooke Pennington.

Oh, good good day!
What might we do?
Where might we go?

Doesn’t really matter what or where
I am happy, and you are with me.

Let us play
Tickle tickle tickle
you are so silly

I see you, hiding.
Your petals are showing.
Come on out and play with me!

I long to share my joy with you
Oh look, the others are coming out too!

Hurry up! Come and play with us!
No matter about last night.
Don’t worry so much.
It will be fun! Come on!

Oh the warmth is glorious!
I feel so alive!
Let’s just have a fun day today


Thanks to Brooke Pennington  for today’s photograph!


~ by KK on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Emerald Sky”

  1. KK, you are truly inspired. The words flow and paint a picture that is impossible to miss. Love it.


  2. HI, i love this poem. The poem paints the picture in front of my eyes

  3. Such beauty! Such soft light!
    Thank you!
    Grtz Iwan

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