Mohawk at Sea, 1895

Mohawk at Sea, 1895

Mohawk at Sea, 1895


We have not always treated you well, Mother Ocean,

In the 100 plus years from this day.

We launch great ships – the likes of which you have not yet seen

Some you will sink.


You will spin great, furious storms and cause devastation for hundreds of miles.

Our great wars will stain your beaches red,

And our hunger for your precious oil will smother many of your treasured creatures.

You will express your fury even more with enormous and devastating waves.


Yet I can find a thankful heart, as much now as then.  Great waters of the sea, you sustain us still. More than a century later, you give us life.  The wind that fills your sails and powers every wave still blows strong and good.  Ocean life thrives and still has much to teach us.  Your enormous depths remain a mystery: a place of hope and wonder.


Your skies still meet the water with a beauty we do not deserve to behold.

It is a gift every dawn, a blessing every night.

You weave great tales of adventure and mayhem,

About underwater cities and nations afloat, never ceasing to inspire the next story, overlapping, like your waves, with richness only you can bestow.


And your rhythm still calms a troubled soul, lulls the child, and brings the promise of peace.

Thanks to Prints and Stuff  for today’s find!


~ by KK on January 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mohawk at Sea, 1895”

  1. Lovely, lovely, dear KK!!

    I am very happy to have the opportunity to meditate on these pictures!!

  2. Really beautyfull, great choise of color! Makes me very proud to be on this site!
    Grtz Iwan

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