Delicate beauty of a little winged creature

Day 24/365 : The delicate beauty of a little winged creature, originally uploaded by ~jjjohn~.

The Universe.

Who knows how vast it really is.

Solar systems and planets.

Black holes and void places.

Planet Earth is plenty big.

To fathom.

So much talk of this or that,
Maybe just my Country is enough
to consider.

My State even. 8 hours from top to bottom.

That’s a good day’s drive.

No, I’ll think of my city instead.

Still though. Too many people.

Too much stuff happening.

Let’s take a walk.

A nice park.

Little flower garden.

Just one flower.

Rather, the stem of a flower.

There. Beauty.

Ah, Peace!

Thank you, little winged thing.

You do not know the gratitude

I feel for you right now.

Thanks to Giovanni Orlando for today’s photograph


~ by KK on January 20, 2009.

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