Growing in Shadows

, originally uploaded by serni.

Were it not for you, my friend, I would be nothing.

A small sapling.

You have stood beside me through it all,

and are willing to be there, in my shadow, for a lifetime.

Little tree, you hold me up.

You nourish my branches.

I celebrate with greater glory every day, all thanks to you.

You are willing to forego your own distinction

in order to further bless my existence.

I am humbled by your growth,

despite my smothering presence.

I am forever indebted to you, my friend.

Sometimes I am even jealous of you.

For you have the spirit I lack.

You do not need to shine

In order to thrive.

It takes, for me, so much effort.

To achieve what you do with so little.

Even if I could give you half of my wealth.

You would not need it.

You are far richer than I without it.

Thank you, Little Tree

For helping me to find peace.

Thanks to Cristina Corduneanu for today’s photograph


~ by KK on January 17, 2009.

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