Sunrise on El Capitan

Denis Wagovich

Denis Wagovich


The night was long and I heard a howling wind

My bones ached and I felt a crackling thing

I rested finally, calmly. The water sang to me

Soft, whispering words.


Now the dawn’s sheer and silky veil begins to slip away.

Half dreamed thoughts cloud my consciousness

Like slowly rising mist


How lovely to greet the goldish warming

Of new day

Feathery brush strokes at first, a smattering

Then boldly, with great pride: Light!




My young Aspen bow to you.

Your waters refresh my soul again


I rise, reach up my arms to you


And like Mother to child you lift me

And hold me up to see the sun shining

So brightly in my face,

It is glorious!



Thanks to Denis Wagovich for today’s photograph


~ by KK on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “Sunrise on El Capitan”

  1. STUNNING !!!
    KK what a gift you have been blessed with and the photography is pretty awesome too.
    I long to sit on the bank of that river and have your words spoken softly to carry me away.

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