Stone birdbath

Stone birdbath, originally uploaded by tamra.veilleux.

Young girl
Carries way too heavy a burden

Now frozen in time
Honored by her environment
For work well done

I approach her slowly , and in awe
ice crystals crackling beneath my boots
The air so cold it pierces my lungs with every breath

Her “burden” sustains life for others
I sense honor in her posture

As she almost kneels with the weight of it
On a bed of prickly white shag she would tumble
If she cannot continue to hold her offering

But she is given pause

 in this not quite “dead” of winter
Mother earth holds her
Her feet no longer weary

For a brief time, every blade of grass

celebrates in newfound crystal glory
Her own arms find a new masterpiece

for her to behold
Silently her evergreen stands by. Her protector.

All know it will not last, but no matter

For now, there is no then.
There is no tomorrow

We get to take a break
And Basque in this moment



Special thanks to Tamra Veilleux  for today’s photograph


~ by KK on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Stone birdbath”

  1. KK~
    Lovely poetry! Thanks for using my picture.

  2. KK, These are beautiful. I love looking at them immensely!!

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