Remains of the day

Remains of the day, originally uploaded by Len Langevin.

Somewhere in the deep sea lies the spirit of a lost maiden. She lives on the love of her ocean friends, Never aware she is not of the world which surrounds her.

Each morning, before the dawn, her old and dear friend who is a sea turtle of an even more ancient age than she, hands her a blossom from the earth’s new sun. She wears it in her hair until the sun begins its most glorious descent. She glides through softening waves to place her token of thankfulness of this great earth. The bud glistens one last time with the final sounds of evening songs, and joins the sun forevermore.

Thanks to Len Langevin for today’s photograph.


~ by KK on January 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Remains of the day”

  1. When I took this photo, it never occurred to me that someone would be inspired by it, but I’m glad it has. Thank for the wonderful compliment!

  2. Hi KK!

    What do you know!! Here I sit with tears in my eyes after having red what you write and looking at the picture….. Thank you!!

    So beautifulll!

  3. KK!
    great choice of words and visual. I am bookmarking this page for future reference.


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